who am i really?

basic info:

☆ my name is zelos, but emily is also chill if we're mutuals!
☆ i love nicknames so honestly you can kinda call me whatever
☆ i'm 20 years old and my birthday is june 7th!
☆ she/her or he/him pronouns only, no they/them please
☆ pansexual and polyamorous
☆ i'm in a monogomous relationship with my cool bf ramza
☆ i'm an eclectic wiccan with a focus on sea-based practices

other info:

☆ i have bpd and ptsd among other things which i'll prob talk about on my main from time to time. i'm chill answering pretty much any questions ppl have abt mental health stuff to the best of my ability!
☆ i fucking love musical theatre pls talk to me abt theatre
☆ i also love music theory and i'm relatively knowledgeable so feel free to ask me shit and i will try to answer if i can
☆ i'm also pretty passionate about makeup/beauty stuff
☆ i rly don't like metal gear rising but i'm not gonna be a dick abt, just want it to be known that i'm not rly into it
☆ on that note, sam/raiden is p much the only ship that makes me uncomfy for Personal Reasons but idc if ppl enjoy it! have fun y'all

other accounts:

@ZelosWiIder locked/private twitter, mutuals can req!
@trahearnes gw2 twitter
@asspostate nsfw twitter, 18+ mutuals can req
firstborncaithe gw2 tumblr
zelos-wilder tales of tumblr
☆ i also have a private kin twitter, feel free to ask if you want it