lightning in the rain

zelos | 20 | she/her or he/him

what's up i'm zelos and i would die for raiden and solid snake

you may also know me as merildis (ao3) or raaidens (twitter/tumblr). i'm a metal gear solid author for the most part but i'm also into guild wars 2, the tales of series, and overwatch at the moment! you can find my full about here if you wanna know more. my twitter is here and my current active tumblr is here if you wanna find me anywhere else! if you're a fan of my content you can always buy me a coffee!


☆ discord: zelos#3319
☆ battlenet: Raiden#12183
☆ guild wars 2: merildis.1569
☆ goatlings: oceans


☆ please tag anything relating to vomiting as emeto
☆ please tag any eye trauma/gore accordingly


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